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Elsa Katana
The Find

One day I drove to my local library. I got out of the car and on the ground at the base of the parking sign, beside a small clump of grass, was a perfect miniature mid-century modern chrome and red leather kitchen chair, about 3 1/2″ inches tall. The price tag was still attached – $7. I looked around. It looked staged, not like it fell out of someone’s car but as if it had been placed there. I debated. I walked away. I came back. I looked around again. I finally did what I usually do when in doubt, I got out my camera and I shot it. I felt better.

When I came out of the library it was still there. It seemed to be carrying a message for me. I couldn’t resist so I brought it home. I began to think about all the objects that had passed through my life. It had always seemed important, when I was ready to let go of a something, that it go to the right person or place. Objects carry messages, carry meaning. They have often traveled we know not how far to reach us. They remind us of what is important, what we value. They add to our sense of belonging. One of the things that seems to guide my collection of objects, is that they remind me of the people, places and experiences that I wish to honor in my life.

The pieces in this evolving collection are accumulated over years of travel and discovery, several generations of inheritance and from flea markets, thrift stores, and well even parking lots. There is a beautiful Rumi quote: “Don’t grieve anything you lose comes around in another form”. May you discover something here that reunites you with a long lost object, rekindles a sweet memory, or suggests a new direction and inspiration on your path.

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