in the garden

On Becoming an Elder/Alchemist

…a Ceremony for Crossing the Portal

Set an Intention:

  • Surrender internal ageism.
  • Make peace with time.

Make a Prayer:

  • Bless this moment in time and space. 

Preparation (for a specific date, over time, or daily) :

  • Bathe
  • Scent
  • A ritual garment
  • Jewelry/amulet
  • Set a beautiful table/Create an altar
  • Light a candle
  • Call in a ‘Higher Power’

The Ceremony:

  • Make TEA (or coffee) appreciate it/appreciate you/drink some!
  • Have something to Eat that grounds you… fruit and nuts?
  • A Reading: One doesn’t walk this path because they’re seeking certainty. But, if one is persistent and more than a bit foolish, you can gain a certain amount of resiliency and the ability to love the unpredictability of life… It is the unpredictability of the world that allows for the most profound of healings to occur. We think, “the heart is too broken and can never be well again” and somehow, strangely, and without reason the heart begins to mend and grow back differently… The wisdom of the …Wise Old One grows with the passage of time. She teaches us that …aging is an invitation to make and shape the world within and around us. No matter our age, through aging we have the opportunity to gain wisdom and to pass it on in the form of blessings …because wisdom is deeply entwined with love and it is in love that we bless others and ourself.  – Alexis Cunningfolk
  • Create something: a Collage or Vision Board/a Poem/a Song/a Painting/a Playlist

Benediction: May all Beings Benefit!

(*for a more in-depth ‘how to’ see the original)