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Hamas on the Terrorist List:

Decades of Denial: How Islamists Won the War Against Western Values聽

Einat Wilf – So you want to recognize the State of Palestine?

EYE WITNESS ACCOUNT of Hamas torture on October 7th link:

You Are the Last Line of Defense

We all were lied to: Gaza was a modern, developed city before October 7th:

Knesset bill criminalizing denial of the October 7 massacre

Hamas Actually Believed It Would Conquer Israel. In Preparation, It Divided the Country Into Cantons

How the Gaza Ministry of Health Fakes Casualty Numbers

BRET STEPHENS: Settler Colonialism: A Guide for the Sincere

How can anyone who supports Israel call for a two-state solution now:

(Current Israeli ‘settlements’ in blue.)

Ex-ambassador says there is no pro-Israel US candidate

Natan Sharansky on all of it…

Sharansky: Oslo sowed the seeds for the October 7 massacre


Inside Our Collective Trauma:

When people tell you who they are, believe them. -Bari Weiss:

Why Are All of You Silent?:

False Partners

Our False Partners – Natan Sharansky:

Loneliness of Israel

How Palestine Hijacked the U.S. Civil Rights Movement:

I Saw the Children Hamas Beheaded With My Own Eyes. Shame on Queen Rania


Those we are Missing:

Peace Activists Are Among the Israelis Missing and Killed:

How Posters of Kidnapped Israelis Ignited a Firestorm on American Sidewalks:

Fifth of hostages in Hamas captivity could be Dead:

Rachel Goldberg speaking about her son Hersh at the National Library:

More than half of Hamas’ hostages have foreign nationality

Hamas Took More Than 200 Hostages From Israel.

Did 50 Nova festival survivors commit suicide? The shocking testimonial heard at the Knesset

Hamas says it cannot produce 40 hostages meeting criteria for ceasefire deal, according to reports

Good Morning America – Hamas releases new video of Israeli-American hostage


Sheryl Sandberg’s documentary. Never-before-heard eyewitness accounts from released hostages, survivors, and first responders.

Mia Schem, former Hostage released after 50 days: 

60 minutes – Israeli hostage Yarden Roman-Gat shares details of her captivity in Gaza: 

Israeli Hostage Says She Was Sexually Assaulted and Tortured in Gaza

UN special envoy on sexual violence hears Gaza hostages’ testimony:

Feminists are Consenting to Rape Culture:

The New Rape Denialism

New report details extent of Hamas sexual assaults on Oct. 7

Israeli Rape-Crisis Group Report Finds 鈥楽ystematic鈥 Sexual Violence on and After Oct. 7

UN envoy in Israel: 鈥榃orld can鈥檛 understand magnitude鈥 of Oct. 7:

UN envoy arrives in Israel to investigate Hamas sexual violence:

UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict arrives in Israel:

U.N. to Study Reports of Sexual Violence in Israel During Oct. 7 Attack:

Israel criticizes UN for ambiguous stance on October 7 assault cases:

After 8 weeks, UN Women condemns Hamas’s sexual violence on Oct.7:

The Precedent of October 7th in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Systemic Gender and Sexual-Based Violence:

Hamas terrorists forced families to watch loved ones get raped at gunpoint

Israel readies for possibility of pregnancies in female hostages raped by Hamas: 

Israel submits report to UN on Hamas鈥檚 mass weaponization of rape

鈥楻ight now someone is being raped in a tunnel鈥: Knesset hears of Hamas sex crimes:

Hamas beating women in Gaza

Why are so many feminists supporting abusive men?

This International Women鈥檚 Day, it鈥檚 time to finally believe Israeli women

On University/College Campuses 

The Roots of Campus Hatred:

How to Really Fix American Higher Education:

The Treason of the Intellectuals:

End DEI: It鈥檚 not about diversity, equity, or inclusion. It is about arrogating power to a movement that threatens not just Jews鈥攂ut America itself:

The Ivy League Flunks Out:

The 鈥楶eaceful鈥 Movement to Destroy Israel:

SJP Unmasked – Inside the Pro-Palestinian Group Protesting Across College Campuses

Students for Justice in Palestine, which was founded at Berkeley, has fueled activism, and, critics say, intimidation and antisemitism:

United States House Committee on Ways and Means Committee on Campus Free Speech. (November 14th, 2023 Jonathan Schanzer’s testimony Senior Vice President for Research at FDD Foundation for the Defense of Democracies):

CSpan – University Presidents and Elise Stephanik 鈥渋t depends on the context”:

U.S. Colleges Teaching Hate: American Miseducation (Documentary):

What Yale Has in Common With Hamas:

Is Campus Rage Fueled by Middle Eastern Money?:

If Berkeley Wants to Protect Free Speech It Will Expel Its Rioters

Berkeley Is a Safe Space for Hate: thuggish intimidation of Jewish students and teachers is the new normal as leftist brownshirts topple once-heralded free speech bastion

Twilight of the Wonks: The 100-year reign of impeccably credentialed but utterly mediocre meme processors is coming to an end

Camping Out at Columbia鈥檚 Communist Coachella – Ivy League activists, armed with melatonin gummies, gluten-free bread, and friendship bracelets, stand up against 鈥榯he violent Zionist settler entity.鈥

“Yes, But What Do the Half-Baked Think?” Perhaps the trouble with college student protests isn鈥檛 the college students protesting.

The Prophets: Allan Bloom – Nearly 40 years ago, a University of Chicago professor warned that higher education was closing Americans鈥 minds. Today, he could be called the grandfather of our culture wars

Tunnels and Missiles

Rocket & Mortar Attacks Against Israel by Date (2001 – Present)

ISRAEL GAZA BORDER, ISRAEL – AUGUST 04: Israeli soldier seen inside a tunnel built underground by Hamas militants leading from the Gaza Strip into Southern Israel. (need access to read)

UNWRA and other Absurdities

More than 30 of UNRWA’s employees actively participated in October 7

Directly beneath UNRWA鈥檚 Gaza headquarters, IDF uncovers top secret Hamas data center, Subterranean facility for terror group鈥檚 intelligence needs, beneath UN complex in upscale Rimal neighborhood, discovered after interrogations of Palestinian prisoners

Dr. Einat Wilf articulates clearly, with solid facts and easily explains to the world that UNRWA, as it is structured today, cannot continue to exist


14,000 trucks of aid have entered Gaza since Oct. 7

Israel Sidesteps UNRWA to Deliver Gaza Aid Via WFP


Maps pre-1948 map after the war of independence the 1949 Armistice Lines

From War to War

Lord Roberts of Belgravia, British military historian, addressing the UK Parliament on February 8, 2024: 鈥淢y Lords, even if we were to take as accurate Hamas鈥檚 statistics and the 27,500 figure鈥攖here is no reason why we should; we do not do that with Putin or ISIS鈥攊f one subtracts the number of Gazans who have been killed by the quarter or so of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas rockets that fall short, one is left with a less than 2:1 ratio of civilians to Hamas terrorists killed, of whom there have been more than 9,000 so far. My lord, war is hell; and every individual civilian death is a tragedy. But speaking as a military historian鈥攍ess than 2:1 is an astonishingly low ratio for modern urban warfare where the terrorists routinely use civilians as human shields. It is a testament to the professionalism, ethics, and values of the Israel Defense Forces.鈥

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevy sent a battle sheet to the commanders, emphasizing to them the values required in combat: “We behave like human beings and preserve, unlike our enemies, the human image. We must be careful not to use force where it is not necessary, to distinguish between a terrorist and not, not to take anything that is not ours 鈥 a souvenir or a weapon item, and not to film revenge videos. We are not on a killing spree, revenge or genocide. We have come to defeat and defeat a cruel enemy, worthy of a bitter loss.” (credited as being recorded by Yoav Zeitoun …sent to me by an Israeli friend)

IRAN, etc

Why 鈥淚mposter Scholars鈥 Will Never Believe the Voices of Middle Eastern Natives.

Violence Against Women: A Never-Ending Story in Iran

The Fallen for Freedom

Disturbing Footage Emerges Of ‘Taliban’ Stoning In Afghanistan

Iran鈥檚 doomsday clock for Israel鈥檚 end halts amid power cuts

Statement from President Joe Biden on Iran鈥檚 Attacks against the State of Israel

GD and Judaism

Where was God on October 7? A different perspective

Must a Jew Believe in God?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s View on Zionism 1947

Navigating Israel鈥檚 War When One Spouse Is Jewish, and One Is Not.

I Produced an Oscar-Winning Holocaust Film. Here Is Why Jonathan Glazer鈥檚 Speech Was So Offensive

Laurie Stone on Freud, Nazis, Jews, and Women,


Shahar Dekel

Adi Kessar ‘Anatomy’

Agi Mishol ‘Safe Room’

From the Edges of a Broken World

AP photographer co-wins for photo of terrorists taking Shani Louk’s corpse into Gaza and Shani Louk鈥檚 father defends award-winning photo of Hamas terrorists parading his daughter鈥檚 body

A minor miracle of the ‘iron sword’ (the name of this current war with Gaza) found in the Judean desert.

PEN America Rewards Cowardice: We live in a world where an organization established for the defense of free speech is expected to openly advocate for Hamas.


God and Jewish Humor

An Open Letter to the Organizers of the Next Holocaust

So, what did you kids learn in college this year? @eretznehederet

The Press (currently ‘trusted’ list): i24 the Times of Israel Haaretz English edition Jerusalem Post Tablet Magazine The Free Press Israel HaYom (Israel Today) The Forward

Other reliable sources on Israel: Michael Oren Hillel Neuer Noa Tishby Einat Wilf Einat Wilf Eylon Levy Debra Messing Mandana Mayani Elica LeBon Yoseph Haddad Bassem Eid Rep Ritchie Torres Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas, was raised by the man behind the terror group. He then became an Israeli spy:

Egyptian activist tells 鈥楶ost鈥 she condemns Hamas and October 7 massacre Gideon Levy 

some reasons for distrusting the press

Al Jazeera journalist is also a Hamas commander, IDF says

NYT journalist accused of infiltrating into Israel on Oct. 7 wins award

AP sued for allegedly buying photos from Hamas agents involved in October 7

AP photographer co-wins for photo of terrorists taking Shani Louk’s corpse into Gaza


Petition: End the Silence

Brothers and Sisters for Israel

Combat Antisemitism Movement


Things Worth Remembering: C.S. Lewis on Keeping Calm in Chaos

Despite the war in Gaza Israel ranks 5th in global happiness in 2024