in the garden

a moon phases tarot spread*

Every month we experience the opportunity to dream and plant new seeds, to manifest and create, to transform and let go, and to share wisdom.

– Lisa Lister

This spread was created as part of a personal quest to align more closely with the natural world. I wanted to remember who I was outside what had become a dangerous trajectory of linear intentions, goals, and purpose. I needed a way to embrace the Earth and all its inhabitants, to head off both a personal and thereby a global destruction. In choosing to understand time as cyclical rather than linear, I can begin to re-wild from within. I decided to pose these questions to myself, turning a card for each phase of the moon throughout the month*. Within the rhythm of my own unique tides, I found greater acceptance of my complexities. I gain deeper visions and more generous perspectives, following the Moon. The opportunity to return, every month, to begin again, is itself a great mercy. May our efforts bring depth healing to ourselves and all beings and to our wondrous water planet.

*The questions posed in the spread can also be used as prompts for personal exploration and free writing and do not need to be used with a Tarot deck.